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Five Must-Pack Accessories For Any Cruise

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Sticky Notes In the modern day attachment people have with their cellphones, it often comes as a surprise to passengers how communicating with family members, coworkers, or loved ones while at sea requires a bit of effort when there’s either no cell phone service or when there is, roaming costs an arm and a leg. Since chances are, not everyone in your party will be spending every waking moment together, sticky notes can be a great way to relay the message of doing laundry, running off to the pool or catching a show at the theater. Not only will it allow you to mention where you are, but can be left to let others know when you plan on all meeting up for excursions or a meal together. If you’re with a larger party that fills multiple rooms for a reunion travel trip, or corporate travel cruise, walkie-talkies can be another excellent idea, but they are more costly and there is no guarantee that everyone will be on the same wavelength when you need them to be.

Plastic Bags Dirty laundry will happen, but there’s no need for it to fill up valuable space in your cabin or risk getting clean clothes dirty in your suitcase. By bringing plastic bags on board, you can store wet bathing suits safely before disembarking, or keep muddy shoes from a hike or shore excursions away from everything else. Furthermore, it’s great for organizing toiletries, especially liquid ones, and can even come in handy for storing dirty clothes that can either be kept separate, or taken to the on-board laundry facilities conveniently for longer stays!

Cheap Watch With most passengers typically relying on their cell phone to let them know the time, having a cheap, waterproof watch to take with you on a cruise is a great way to keep on track with the time whether you’re lounging by the pool, exploring a port-of-call town or trying to make a theatrical show after dinner. While they certainly won’t last ages, a cheap watch can help you get from point A to point B on time, and fulfill your itinerary to the best of your ability.

Sunscreen This should go without saying, but packing sunscreen, regardless of your cruise itinerary, is a necessity. Not only will it keep bad rays away, but it can prevent you from getting sunburned when reapplying regularly, which can help you to enjoy your trip to the fullest, instead of staying in your cabin in pain. For aesthetic reasons, being burn free will look better in pictures, and when mixed with a tad bit of bronzer, it can actually enhance your vacation glow!

Reusable Water Bottle Yes, there’s water on your cruise line or charter cruise complimentary, but sometimes getting the water is inconvenient. By packing a portable, reusable water bottle (especially ones that expand and contract), you can save money when on ship and on shore, and often for the price of one Evian! By filling up your water bottles on board at one of the water stations throughout the ship, you can save time and enjoy the convenience when getting hot laying out at the pool, and save money when at a port-of-call by bringing water with you. It’s important to be careful when filling up your water on shore, especially in certain destinations like Mexico, but by bringing a filled reusable water bottle to the ports with you, you can save money on buying water on land, and when you do, any leftover water can be taken to go with you in your water bottle! Doing so is especially useful for family and reunion travel, when exploring with little ones who often drink small amounts of water more frequently.

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