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The 10 Things We’ve Missed Most About Cruising

Couple on a cruise deck

If we’ve learned anything in our months (and more months) without travel, it’s how much we miss it – and how much we need it. Setting sail on a cruise is so much more than embarking on a getaway trip. Travel is scientifically proven to be good for your health and your soul.

The benefits start well before the journey does. Simply planning a vacation improves your sense of well-being. Research shows people are at their happiest when they have a trip planned, and the anticipation of the experience – even if it’s months away – can improve your mood significantly. Then, as you travel and navigate new places, try new things, and communicate with people in different languages, you stimulate your brain, boosting creativity, focus, and overall mood. Plus, science even proves that being on, near, or in the water is good for both mind and body, lowering stress and increasing happiness.

So, if you’ve been longing to get back to cruising, you’re not alone. As we help clients plan their next trip, we’ve been making a list of all the things we’ve missed and can’t wait to experience again soon.

Greek Isle Cruise Port

1. The destinations

You don’t get bored when you’re cruising. Of course, we’re a little biased, but it’s an excellent way to see the world. Almost everywhere that’s connected to a large body of water is cruise-able, so the choices are nearly endless. Whether you’re on an ocean cruise or a river cruise, there’s nothing like the excitement of arriving in a new port, seeing the panoramic views from the deck, and then stepping ashore to take in the unique sights, sounds, and experiences of each and every port of call.

2. The 24/7 views

One of the best things about being on a cruise is the ever-changing scenery. Day-to-day and even moment-by-moment, you enjoy stunning perspectives of both sea and shorelines. It’s all there as you cruise – iconic skylines of bustling cities, a majestic castle on a hill, glaciers dramatically shedding ice into the sea, or the thrill when you spot wildlife at sea or onshore. It’s mesmerizing. And waking to a completely new view after you’ve sailed through the night is the best of all.

3) New friends

There’s nothing like a cruise for bringing people together. As you travel on a ship, you have plenty of opportunities to meet interesting fellow travelers, share one-of-a-kind experiences, and enjoy the company of people from all around the world. In fact, we think it’s impossible not to make new friends when you’re on a cruise.

Cruise ship near mountains

4. The sense of discovery

Travel is all about experiencing new and different things. A cruise brings new experiences and adventures to your doorstep, both onboard and off. On a cruise, you can explore the Burgundy and Provence wine regions of France, get an up-close-and-personal view of Iceland, or immerse yourself in the culture and history of Vietnam and Cambodia. You can even take the adventure to the next level with expedition cruising. These smaller, more intimate ships can take you further off the beaten path while serving up once-in-a-lifetime experiences like swimming alongside dolphins, kayaking on the Amazon, or hiking the unspoiled terrain of the Galapagos Islands.

5. The surprises

Each cruise is different. The little details are what you take away as forever memories and stories to tell your friends and family. From the street art and strolling fado singers you encounter in Portugal or the morning bike ride you take along the banks of the Danube to the tucked-away tavern you find in Amsterdam and the favorite corner of the ship where you enjoy your morning coffee, these happy surprises are what make cruise travel so special.

6. Delicious food

A cruise is the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious gourmet meals. Best of all, you get the opportunity to sample regional cuisines and local delicacies – all served up by top-caliber chefs in both formal and informal settings. (Always leave room for dessert!) When ashore, exploring the out-of-the-way cafes and one-of-a-kind restaurants frequented by the locals rounds out your culinary experience in any given city or country.

Spa pool on a cruise ship

7. Pampering at the spa

Today’s cruise ships are designed to inspire relaxation and well-being. The onboard amenities and spas are simply amazing – and a must for at-sea days. The amenities range from ship to ship and include everything from thalassotherapy seawater pools, saunas, and thermal suites through massages, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and yoga classes. Some ships even have invigorating snow grottos. And don’t forget about the full menu of spa treatments like facials, body wraps, and salon services.

8. Attentive service

From the moment you step onboard your cruise ship, you are greeted with smiles and attentive service. You truly don’t have a care in the world: Friendly barkeeps who learn your favorite cocktail, the wait staff who serve the delicious meals, a concierge team to recommend activities and favorite local spots, and most of all, the cheerful cabin stewards who are magically there to tend to every need.

9. Unplugging

Of course, Wi-Fi service is readily available on your ship. But one of the great aspects of a cruise is the complete escape it offers from everyday routines. When you’re able to watch the sunset over the water, with no land in sight, it’s easy to set your cares aside, relax, and recharge.

10. The way we feel when we get home

While we don’t miss disembarking and leaving the magical world of a cruise behind, we do miss how rested and rejuvenated we feel after each trip. Upon our return home, as we savor all of the experiences, new friends, and happy memories fresh in our minds, there’s only one thing left to do: plan our next cruise.

Cruising is back and booking up quickly. Contact Cruise Dreams at (877) 999-4533 or email us at to plan your trip to the destinations you’ve been dreaming about – and explore the extra-special, curated Trips of a Lifetime we have planned through 2023.

Waves to you and smooth sailings ahead!

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