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Zermatt, Switzerland and Childhood Memories

Zermatt, Switzerland and Childhood Memories

While I waited for Michael I had a silent chat with GOD, pleading that surely He didn’t intend for me to leave this earth due to heart failure in the Swiss Alps! Michael returned and asked me a question so perfect even I couldn’t have predicted it; he advised that the only other way to complete our trek was via snowmobile. Asking if I’d be alright, he was shocked when I jumped for joy and asked if I could drive!  Look out Zermatt!

Michael couldn’t have known was that I grew up on snowmobiles, and that my best family memories happened while driving through Laramie, Wyoming and Yellowstone Park in the dead of winter. Not only was I not afraid, I was thrilled at the opportunity.

Laramie Wyoming and Snowmobiles

He cautioned that I could not tell anyone else, and that I was to wait until the last person was lifted and on their way before the owner would take me up the mountain. There was another lady who was also scared, and she came with us, but no one else could know. I couldn’t help but ask the driver if I could drive, and he responded by telling me how dangerous the mountain is (funny how they forgot to mention that tidbit on the way down!), but he did let me go up a small hill and back before getting us to our final spot.

I filmed the ride up the mountain and the memories of my childhood came flooding back; I have to admit that the experience was worth every step down that mountain!  Zermatt, Switzerland will be a place I will always remember.

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