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5 Things Every Solo Cruiser Should Know

If you’re considering cruising solo, you may have already researched some of the benefits and downfalls of traveling unaccompanied. The idea of cruising by yourself can be a very liberating experience; you can apply your time doing just what you feel like doing. The freedom can often come with it’s fair share of disadvantages however, including single supplements—fees paid by a solo traveler who plans to stay in a cabin built for two, and every now and then, finding that your fellow passengers have a hard time understanding why you would travel without a companion. If you’re able to appreciate the experience of breathing in all that cruises have to offer on your own terms, almost all individual’s who have traveled alone will tell you that it’s worth it, as long as you”re prepared on what to expect and plan your trip on a cruise with extra incentives for solo explorers. Here are five things that every solo cruiser should know.

What You Cruise, Matters Each cruise has their own target audiences, some for families, some for empty nesters, some for incentive cruise travelers and a few that cater part of their focus towards luring solo travelers. It’s important to note that solo travelers doesn’t necessarily translate into single travelers, but rather individuals that for whatever reason, are traveling by themselves. Cruises including the Norwegian Epic and P&O’s Azura come with solo lounges and special cabins for one, so solo travelers don’t need to pay single supplements and can enjoy meeting other travelers exploring on their own. Likewise, these cruises and a few others provide entertainment for solo visitors and specially planned shore excursion trips which can help you meet others and have some mingling time when you choose to. If traveling with other solo travelers interests you, proper research into well-known single-friendly cruise lines can benefit you down the line, allowing you to mingle with other solo travelers instead of being overwhelmed in a sea of families.

Set seating won’t guarantee you table-mates You might assume that in traveling alone, you’d likely find yourself dining with families or couples. However, sometimes you may find yourself dining by yourself. Depending on what cruise line you choose, some decide to place solo travelers at the same tables for meals, but if other solo travelers decide to skip meals and dine alone in their room or at specialty restaurants, you may find yourself having a table by yourself for meals, and maybe quite often.

Having Your Own Room Is Amazing Traveling with someone or a on a group cruise can help you realize how much you enjoy having a room to yourself. Whether your cruise comes equipped with specialty made rooms for one, or you find yourself paying the singles supplements for a room otherwise made for two guests, having your own room is worth it! Cruise lines typically have rooms on the smaller side comparable to hotel rooms, and instead of being tight on space when traveling with a partner, in traveling solo you’re able to keep your clothes all over the couch, shower whenever you want, and keep your makeup or toiletries all over the vanity. If space is your thing, having a room to yourself is a huge plus for solo cruisers.

Grow As A Person Believe it or not, many guests find that traveling alone allows for them to feel more independent and provides them with the opportunity to grow as a person. Whether rock climbing on your days at sea, enjoying a quiet meal by yourself over a good read, or perhaps taking the risk and signing up for a solo excursion zip lining, there are many opportunities when traveling alone to surprise yourself at what you’re capable of doing, and how you can be just fine on your own. If being solo all the time isn’t your thing, hanging out with other individual travelers can introduce you to some exploring buddies along the trip or land excursions, but having the choice in deciding to fly under the radar or put yourself out there is a great feeling, and you should enjoy it!

Other Cruise Guests May Notice So you end up not siting by yourself for meals, or you decide to go on a regular shore excursion; these situations can happen, and when they do, you’ll probably be warmly welcomed when they find out you’re traveling solo. Many guests who travel with a significant other, friend or family will befriend someone explores Hawaii, Costa Rica or the Bahamas alone. But if you do want more alone time, being able to do your own thing all week is awesome, and yes, you should be proud of yourself for growing as a person and treating yourself to some alone time. By being prepared for being asked questions from others, you’re more likely to find them amusing.

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