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How To Choose Your First Cruise

First time? Let us help you find your best match!

At first glance, most cruise lines can appear the same: endless entertainment, similarly sized rooms and lots of fun colors in the common areas. Trying to find any noticeable differences besides varying ports of call can be both tricky and overwhelming, but a simple game of “eenie, meenie, miney, mo” won’t necessarily land you the best cruise line for your personal tastes. Working with a cruise specialist, however, can. 

There’s a lot of ways a simple sit-down, phone call, or e-mail with a cruise specialist can help you pinpoint the perfect cruise for your first time. First, they help you figure out what kind of traveler you are. Besides letting them know if you’re a solo traveler, apart of a reunion travel group, a business group looking for incentive travel, or simply traveling with a loved one or with immediate family, you decide if you’re the kind of traveler that prefers long afternoons lounging by the pool, an itinerary-perfectionist that wants to make the most out of every vacation, or perhaps a fine-diner that wants only the best food cruise lines have to offer. Depending on what your priorities are for your first cruise, your cruise line specialist can help slim down the options based on your personal preferences and provide you with a more specialized list of choices.

Then there’s the practicalities such as budget, departure port, and length of trip. While we would all love to travel for three weeks in the Bahamas, our home and professional responsibilities don’t always make this practical. By first deciding on your budget, your cruise specialist can help you find options within your price point. Factoring in traveling costs depending on departure ports can help you decide if leaving from Long Beach, CA to Mexico and Hawaii has more cost to value than leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a trip to the Bahamas.

Once you work with a reunion cruise or incentive cruise specialist to match your personality and travel needs with the appropriate cruise line, you should have a narrowed down list of 1-3 options, which is a much easier undertaking and can help steer you in the correct path at enjoying the most entertainment while at sea. If you’re interested in finding the best first-cruise for you, contact us by clicking here today!

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