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Group Cruises: Five Reasons To Talk to the Crew on Your Cruise

Don’t go it alone—let the cruise ship staff lead the way!

It is important for you to talk to the crew on your cruise. Those who are well traveled on cruises will tell you, they highly recommend getting to know the crew—you can get some great advice and have greater advantages both at sea and on land for your group incentive travel packages. So why should you get to know the crew on your reunion or company cruise? Here are five great reasons:

  1. Get the advice of the onboard crew regarding the ship’s best restaurants; some are free, but for some of the others, you have to pay a little extra, and the crew can tell you which ones are so worth it.

  2. The crew knows the greatest places to be on the ship: whether it’s sunbathing, hanging out with the kids, where to get the best cocktails, or which spots make for the best team building activities for your business incentive cruises, the crew knows every nook and cranny of the ship, so take their advice!

  3. Cruise staff members know where to go once you get to port: since they’ve been there many times, and this is likely your first time, listen to the crew about the hot spots where land lovers can enjoy the most scenic views, the best cuisine, and the secret “not-so-touristy” places.

  4. You can learn about interesting adventures: most people don’t think of the crew as part of the overall cruise picture, but they have a lot to teach novice travelers, and you may even find their advice about which family or reunion cruise to take next is helpful.

  5. The crew knows the history of the ship: for your own benefit and to decide whether this is the right cruise for employee incentive travel, knowing as much as possible about the ship you’re on can help a lot.

The crewmembers on the ship are making a living out of this, and it’s fascinating to know why they spend their lives cruising the world. What motivates them to keep this amazing job? Asking this question can reveal a lot about the ship and the kinds of people to best direct you to your next adventure.

The “ship life” these people have from day to day is just incredible. Consider the fact they are far away from home, which has its pros and cons, and can be hard on families and relationships. The ship staff doesn’t have the option to use today’s resources while being on sea where as a person on land would use most used resources. For they have no need to drive, or worries about being late to work.

Finally, remember that small conversations with the crew will introduce you to how the life at sea can be and enlighten you about company and family cruises alike.

Stop and have a chat with the ships crew whenever you can. People on the ship will be glad to help and educate newcomers. It will guarantee you an exciting experience as a cruise ship traveler.

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