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What If? 5 Ways Travel Insurance Saves the Day

Mediterranean cruise ship

You’ve dreamed about the destination for years. You saved the money and made the reservation. Now, you’re counting down the days until you’re right where you’ve always dreamed of being.

What could go wrong? Most likely, nothing will get in the way of your dream vacation. But, let’s play a little what if…

It’s two days before you’re set to take off…and the phone rings.

Your husband took a fall, and he’s headed into emergency surgery. He’ll be fine, but there’s no way you’ll be vacationing as planned.

Thankfully, your pre-trip to-do list included travel insurance. The trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you for pre-paid costs, including non-refundable tickets, for covered medical situations or if you have a death in the family, a loss of employment, or a whole range of other covered reasons.

Travel delays

If life throws you a curve, trip insurance ensures you can recoup your money and reschedule your vacation as soon as your husband is back on his feet.

You’re on your way. (Or are you?)

You arrived at the airport with time to spare. Now you’re tucked away in a comfortable corner awaiting your flight’s boarding announcement. Except it keeps getting delayed. The longer you sit, the more stressful it gets. Your cruise ship may leave without you.

No one can take away the stress of hanging out at the airport for hours. And, you’re likely to rediscover that airlines won’t offer much in the way of vouchers. But travel insurance comes up big in these situations with reimbursement for meals, travel expenses, and accommodations when you have an unexpected overnight stay due to delays. It can even reimburse lost pre-paid expenses if you’re unable to get where you need to be on time.

You’ve arrived. But your luggage didn’t.

You can’t get your vacation on wearing the same rumpled, all-about-comfort clothes you left home in.

Travel insurance with baggage delay benefits to the rescue. You’ll be reimbursed – within limits, of course – for essential items when your luggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 hours.

You’re halfway around the world... in the ER.

There’s nothing worse than feeling ill when you’re far away from home. But if your trip takes a detour due to illness, injury, or an emergency trip to the dentist, a travel insurance policy with emergency medical and dental benefits can make you feel better. Your health insurance may not be accepted, and Medicare doesn’t provide coverage outside the U.S., so insuring your trip helps cover the expenses of unexpected health issues.

And if the situation is serious enough to require a medical evacuation, travel insurance with emergency medical transportation benefits will help pay the costs for covered illness and injury during your trip. It’s well worth it. Medical evacuations in different parts of the world can cost up to six figures. On top of that, travel insurance can cover the costs of getting home if an illness or injury forces you to cut your trip short.

Carribbean hurricane weather

You’re headed for faraway shores, with one eye on the Weather Channel.

Forces of nature like a hurricane, earthquake, or other circumstances beyond your control can bring your trip to a halt, sending you home early or getting you stuck somewhere for longer than you planned. Travel insurance with trip interruption coverage can help you navigate unexpected additional costs, reimbursement for unused costs, and alternative transportation to get back home.

What if? Don’t worry; it’s covered.

When you’re planning a significant trip with your spouse, your family, a group of friends or coworkers, make travel insurance part of your trip. Explore the types of coverage available and match it to your trip and your needs. The price is based on the length and cost of your trip, as well as your age, and is typically pennies on the dollar compared to your total trip cost.

Travel – and life – are unpredictable. While travel insurance can’t prevent the unexpected from affecting your dream trip, it will reduce the financial pain and provide peace of mind that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

Cruise Dreams can’t stress enough how important it is to have travel insurance. The variety of reasons for claims our clients have had over the years is incredible, proving we just never know what can happen in life.

We're here to help you have a Trip of a Lifetime. If you have questions about our trips or travel insurance, you can call us at (877) 999-4533 or email us at

Waves to you and smooth sailings ahead!

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