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Three Things You Should Not Pack On Your Next Cruise

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

1. Liquor or Beer Cruise line bar prices can range from modest to quite pricey, but that doesn’t mean you should take the risk of smuggling any of these items on board. Most cruise ships and charter cruises will confiscate liquor and beer brought on board during embarkation, and if you are caught trying to smuggle booze onboard, penalties range from having the contraband held until being returned on the last day, to being emptied and destroyed as followed by Royal Caribbean personnel. Some exceptions do exist however, as many cruise lines will allow guests to bring their own wine (although limited in quantities) and will charge a “corkage” fee to be consumed on-board.

2. Clothes Iron While it may not appeal to everyone, every year there are a surprising amount of passengers that try to bring clothing irons on board. Being banned almost industry-wide with many cruise lines including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian lacking such amenities, It can be difficult to have a wrinkle-free outfit for formal nights without one, but you’re better off leaving yours at home. Not only does it take up a considerable amount of space within your luggage, but the assumed fire concern poses one of the greatest risks to safety at sea as well. For a more safety-conscious option that travels more ideally as well, consider packing a wrinkle-releasing spray which are safe on most fabrics and can do the job just as well, simply requiring a bit more effort.

3. Coffee Makers Yes, we said it, coffee makers. While coffee is provided on cruise lines, many people who are specific about the coffee they drink and the consistency of the beverage often prefer to brew their own over sipping tar-like residue over provided cusps of joe. While bringing your own coffee maker to enjoy the fine notes of Columbia in your room sounds ideal, this is a huge no-no. While you may find yourself paying a surcharge for a halfway decent cup in the now-industry-standard specialty cafes, bringing plug-in versions is against the rules, and can lead you to having your favorite coffee maker being confiscated. If you truly are adamant about making your own coffee, investing in a french press (and packing it carefully) can be a way to do so. Simply having hot water delivered to your room, or bringing water down from any of the cafes to your room, can allow you to brew fresh coffee exactly how you like without having to use any electrical circuits. Often being made out of glass, carefully storing and using a french press can be a great way to get some extra energy in you while on your corporate travel at sea, or keeping up with the little ones during reunion travel.

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