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Lucerne Switzerland: Chocolates, Diamonds, Champagne and Disney

 **Part 2-Of a series of Blogs of my trip to participate in the Ovations Amazing Trophy Race.  In case you missed it…Read Part 1 before continuing.

Our second day in Lucerne, Switzerland was full of what most students dread: tests!  Before the day was over, each of my senses had been challenged. My legs burned after stair climbing, I learned that I don’t really dislike all chocolates, gazed in awe of the only Gothic church in all of Lucerne, found a diamond and indulged in mellifluous live music.

Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

Swiss Chocolate Tasting

We started with the spiral steps to the top of the Bridge tower, where I politely tried an array of filled chocolates. I’ve never been a chocolate fan, but I smiled and sampled each; the variety of fillings ranged from Arpen (grass) to green tea to passion fruit, but it was the banana and ginger that I enjoyed the most.  

Franciscan Church, Lucerne

We then set out to find the only Gothic church in town. Luckily, we found a local who spoke English in addition to the prevalent Swiss German, and they guided us to the right place. We recorded the date it was built and set about to our next task.

Wedding in Lucerne Switzerland

Along the way we crossed paths with a newly married couple taking pictures; we brazenly asked if we could hop into the shoot, and they obliged! We also had the photographer snap a shot of just us. We rushed off only to realize that we’d left the camera behind. It’s a comfort that the Swiss are so trustworthy and honest; turns out the photographer had put it in his pocket by accident!



Our next stop was a four-story jewelry store, where we sipped champagne from flutes with a gemstone in each. We  gazed at a blue velvet tray with five stones and were challenged to identify the real diamond. I can’t pretend to  love diamonds, but I do remember the Walt Disney movie Pollyanna, which taught me that true diamonds are like  prisms. I showed my teammates to the window and we saw that our choice was the only one that produced a rainbow.

Next up was the new performance center, where we were treated to four songs and asked to identify the name of the song, the composer and if that composer or artist had ever traveled to Switzerland. This was our toughest challenge!

Finally we moved downstairs, where in addition to refreshments we were charged with shooting a cross bow. This Midwestern girl scored an 8 out of 10!

It occurred to me how interesting it was that what I’ve learned through the years impacted this unique trip! I have Disney movies and archery classes during summer camp to thank for making me a better competitor!

Come back next weekend….You don’t want to miss Day 3!  For more information please “Like” us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

Visit our website for more information on how your group can have an “Amazing Trophy Race”.

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