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Get ‘em While They’re Hot – Steals and Deals

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

We’ve added a new section on our site – Steals & Deals.  It’s the Grand Central Station of the very best, hand-selected cruise packages you’ll find anywhere.

If you like to travel but love to get the most bang for your buck, our Steals & Deals section of our site is the place to go.  The cruise opportunities we feature in Steals & Deals will be the best combination of great pricing, stellar destinations, memorable themes, and generous cruise package inclusions that we have negotiated just for YOU!  The Steals & Deals featured cruise will always add up to the kind of crazy-good opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

Where are the Steals & Deals?

Just click on over to our CruiseDreams home page and look in the left navigation panel for the new Steals & Deals link, third down in the list.

Where to find Steals & Deals

What you’ll find on our Steals & Deals page is a link to our always up-to-date digital Steals & Deals brochure, which details exactly why it’s such a steal.

For example, in our most recent issue, we’re highlighting a five-night  Royal Caribbean cruise to the Western Caribbean, departing February 1, 2014 from Tampa, that includes square dancing adventures.

Jay Krebs Square Dance Cruise

Why did we pick this deal?  Let’s start with the feature that makes it a slam dunk decision for any deal-seeker: the price. Imagine getting five nights of warm salt-sea Caribbean air in the middle of winter for as little as $849 per person, and that’s with your own private balcony!  Do the math and you’ll see that you’re getting all the amenities and luxury of a cruise package for less than $170/night – less than you’d pay in most major cities for a mid-tier hotel – especially if you take advantage of the bonus $100 discount you get off the room if you pay in full at the time of booking!

And for an even more affordable option, this particular cruise offers their inside cabins for just $649 per person – $129.80 a night!  It’s hard to find a decent motel room in the middle of the desert for that price, but look what you get with this Steals & Deals package that goes far beyond a decent night’s sleep:

  1. All your meals and on-board entertainment are included.

  2. All port fees and government taxes are included.

  3. Your gratuities for all the ships’ staff are pre-paid.

  4. Round trip transfers airport/pier/airport are included.

  5. You’ll enjoy a private one-hour group cocktail party, sponsored by Cruise Dreams, and exclusively for those who book their cruise through us.

Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean’s 2,112-passenger ship Brilliance of the Seas, known for its excellent dining, a smokestack climbing wall, miniature golf, and water slide, is reason enough to pick this cruise. But you’ll even enjoy leaving the ship, thanks to these pleasurable ports of call:

  1. Picturesque Georgetown in the Grand Cayman Islands, known for its gingerbread-style buildings along the harbor front, great restaurants, scuba diving, and easy walking or biking to its shopping centers and entertainment.

  2. The tranquil oasis of Cozumel, Mexico, with spectacular beaches, archeological explorations, spas, and its world-famous Mesoamerica Reef, the largest reef in the Western hemisphere.

There’s icing on this cake. What really sets this cruise apart are the bonus features designed for those who love square dancing:

  1. Led by renowned 31-year veteran caller Jay Krebs, known for his smooth baritone voice and spirited calling

  2. Two evenings of private square dancing

  3. Two morning square dance workshops, scheduled for your days at sea, keeping you free for Grand Cayman and Cozumel port adventures.

Featuring caller Jay Krebs

Add all this up – the included amenities, the square dancing experience, and the exceptional price – and you can see why this cruise package qualifies as our current Steals & Deals special.

Caution: steals and deals go fast!

Due to the exceptional nature of our featured Steals & Deals opportunities, these cruises tend to book up much faster than other cruise packages.

The featured cruise package we bring you in Steals & Deals is sometimes a last-minute opportunity.  More often, the Steals & Deals featured cruise package sets sail many months from now – such as the current Steals & Deals square dancing Western Caribbean cruise opportunity, scheduled for next year (February 1-6, 2014).  Either way, you’ll need to contact us for a reservation right away to make sure you get in on the deal.

Check our Steals & Deals page regularly — We’ll feature only the best current opportunities for family cruises, group cruises, and incentive cruises.

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