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Feed Your Culinary Curiosity: The Best Destinations for Foodies

Some of the most vivid memories of our travels come from a one-of-a-kind meal we had or an exotic local cuisine we dared to try. The sense of taste adds a delicious extra layer to our travel experiences. So, why not go full-foodie on your next trip?

Whether it’s your dream to hop from one Michelin star restaurant to the next, or you want to discover something totally new, we’re designing trips that cater to wine aficionados, culinary clubs, amateur chefs, and people who just love good food. Here’s our list of dishes and destinations that will feed your culinary curiosity. But, be warned. This blog is going to make you hungry.

Be bold in Bordeaux

For a classic gourmet vacation, exploring France’s Bordeaux region is a must. Fine restaurants and quaint bistros alike pair local wines with dishes like foie gras, duck confit, steak tartare, and black truffles. Add in time to tour some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards, and whatever you do, don’t leave without sampling the local dessert of choice – a canelé. It’s a French pastry, soaked with rum, filled with custard, and toasted for a thick caramelized crust.

Enjoy a taste of Peru

Ancient Inca ruins? Check. Delicious healthy food? Check. Unique recipes passed down for generations? Check! In recent years, Peru has become a top destination for food lovers, sparked in part by the increased focus on organic cuisine. The national dish of Peru? Ceviche in all its fresh, citrusy glory. Take a gastro tour for a deeper dive into Peruvian cuisine – and learn the secrets of making ceviche.

Follow the flavors in London

The London food scene is about more than fish and chips (although they’re a must-have). Known as a true food city, we recommend visiting one of London’s markets or the Soho neighborhood and just following your taste buds. You’ll find an array of authentic pubs, restaurants, and street food options. And, of course, make time for afternoon tea.

Discover Baltic cuisine

In Lithuania, old truly meets new when it comes to what’s on the menu. While still a bit under the radar as a foodie destination, the country is becoming the capital of New Baltic cuisine, which gives a modern twist to traditional local ingredients. For authentic flavors, try the crispy potato pancakes or handmade pies known as kibinai, which can be filled with meat, vegetables, or the famous Lithuanian cheese curd.

Satisfy your sweet tooth in St. Lucia

Chocolate is a central part of St. Lucia’s history. Today, travelers can do more than indulge in delicious chocolate treats. On a visit to Soufrière, make a stop at Hotel Chocolat for a full-chocolate experience, including harvesting cocoa beans and making your own chocolate. Round out the visit with cacao-based treatments in the hotel spa and a delicious meal at Boucan, a restaurant known for its innovative cacao cuisine.

Go wild in Alaska

What pairs perfectly with the soaring scenic views and majestic mountains of Alaska? Wild salmon, of course. With several different kinds of salmon available seasonally, make sure to try the king, sockeye, and smoked salmons, if you can. And, you can’t go wrong with fresh Alaskan king crab or halibut.

Add a little spice in Thailand

Did you know that every Thai dish aims to provide a balance of five flavors – sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy? With food a big part of Thailand’s culture, each region of the country has its own signature style, so be prepared to try a wide variety of delicious dishes. Add these local favorites to your list: A bowl of Tom Yum Goong – a spicy and flavorful shrimp soup – and fishcakes with sweet chili sauce and pickled cucumber on the side.

Get adventurous in Tuscany

Authentic Italian pasta is a must for anyone calling themselves a foodie. But, for the more adventurous types, take a trip to Tuscany. There you can try Grossetto, a flavorful stewed boar dish; Torta di Ceci, a crunchy chickpea flour pancake that’s both vegetarian and gluten-free; or a street food favorite called lampredotto, a sandwich made from the fourth stomach of a cow. And, with each, add a glass – or two – of Chianti.

Hungry yet? The world is waiting with an appetizing menu of foods and experiences. And many of our cruise and resort partners offer amazing and immersive culinary experiences – from tours and classes to dinners prepared by famous chefs. We’d love to cook up a custom-designed Trip of a Lifetime for you, your culinary club, or your company’s incentive travel program. Call us at (877) 999-4533 or email us at today.

Waves to you and smooth sailings ahead!

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