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Family Reunions on Cruise Ships Are the Way to Set Sail!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Holidays allow the most leeway for families to host reunions, but instead of gathering at someone’s home, why not take a reunion cruise? Not only do cruises allow everyone to have their personal space, but no one is stuck playing host and everyone can cater their trip to their own personal likings. There are a variety of great deals for spring travel that cater to group trips, including offering specials on group vacation packages and other forms of incentive travel.

Cruises allow family members to join together in a new and exciting way that beats meeting at a relatives. A 2007 report by the U.S. Travel Association stated that a third of American adults had traveled to a family reunion in the three years prior. For those who do take on reunion travel, choosing a cruise allows everyone to bond over more than just a banquet meal in Aunt Sally’s kitchen, but rather seeing exciting new shows, having a warm pool to lay out by, and sightseeing at ports of interest during the day. Not only does no one get stuck doing dishes or sitting at the kids table, but there are a variety of child care options for younger travelers that can allow a welcomed break for the grown ups when desired.

Take on new experiences through group tours of old ancient cities, to temples, or even shopping excursions that are offered on a variety of cruises. There are a range options for small group travel, as well as larger group trips that offer cruise ship rewards.

With most cruise ships within a five-hour flight from most locations in the U.S., cruise ships are a great way to bring the family together without anyone traveling too far. To find out more about our group trips and cruises and see how reunion travel fits into your family’s budget, visit

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