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Cruise Dreams Joins to Provide New and Unique Group Travel Programs for Bank Clubs

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

 Cruise Dreams Creates Novel and Exciting Experiences for Bank Depositors

“Actually, we have a number of banks who plan travel with us – both employee incentive travel rewards as well as trips for their bank clubs,” Kim Gibbons, founder and president of Cruise Dreams, explains. “One of the bank club directors suggested we join this organization because she thought other directors might be very excited about the type of experience she found on a Cruise Dream vacation.”

Bank Clubs are a long time favorite way to connect people with activities and informational seminars in the community as well as opportunities to travel with a group. Some of the trips are as brief as a day trip to a nearby festival or encompass a week or more to an exotic locale for a cruise and land tour.  Whatever the length or destination, the focus remains the same – provide a fresh and unusual adventure in a value packed package.

“Anyone can make travel reservation. Just hop on the internet or make a phone call,” added Gibbons. “But there’s so much more to making a group travel trip unforgettable.  Every travel brochure and destination site makes the hotel, ship or location sound incredible.  But it takes someone who’s not only planned that specific destination or itinerary but also experienced it, as a traveler, as a group escort and as a business person in the business of high satisfaction.”

As specialists in incentive and group travel, Cruise Dreams has earned top marks with all the cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts.  That gives them a decided edge when it comes to negotiating.  There’s an art to knowing what to ask for, how to ask for it, who to ask and when to ask – as any seasoned negotiator can tell you.  Being a top producer and a trusted agency gives Cruise Dreams extra bargaining muscle.  Bank groups will appreciate the extra value as well as the extra attention to planning.

The smallest details for any trip can make or break it and that’s an area where Cruise Dreams leaves nothing to chance.  Over the last 15 years, they’ve developed a network of fully-vetted and trusted travel partners in every country and major city. This ensures the highest quality for their excursions, tours and events is delivered to each group travel journey.

Many of the bank club directors have contacted Cruise Dreams and told them how excited they are that Cruise Dreams is now part of this great resource.  Many of them look to the organization for ideas, information on different cruise destinations, unbiased opinions, and companies like Cruise Dreams they can trust for expertise as well as reliability.

“Our job with a group cruise or tour for a bank club is twofold,” adds Gibbons. “We want to make planning and traveling effortless and worry-free.  But more than that, we want to make it memorable, unforgettable.  Isn’t that what travel is all about?  It’s more than just getting from one place to another; it’s creating those once-in-a-lifetime moments that define the experience. – That’s our definition of an unforgettable trip!”

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Cruise Dreams is a specialized travel agency focusing on group travel and group cruises as well as corporate incentive travel by land or at sea. Well-known and respected in the industry, they are not only a top producer but a noteworthy innovator. No matter what kind of group travel you plan, a cruise, full ship charter or a stay at 5-star all-inclusive luxury properties world-wide, Cruise Dreams provides expert advice and savings. They specialize in designing unforgettable trips worldwide! For more information, visit or call 1-877-999-4533.

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