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Zermatt Switzerland Fear of Heights, Matterhorn, Team Work

View of the Matterhorn from Zermatt

Day 4 of the Ovation Amazing Trophy Race to the top of the mountain more challenges begin!  Zermatt Switzerland, Team Work, Fear of Heights and the Matterhorn.

 This day offered more “unique” and difficult challenges than the past three days. The funny thing about challenges, is that if you choose to, you can learn from them. I know that I certainly did.

We set out for the train station bright and early, thinking we had ample time for the walk; we’d been told it was only 10 minutes. 25 minutes later, we arrived at the station only to see our train pulling away, with our competitors waving at us from the first class windows. Some were even holding the champagne that was part of their gourmet breakfast! 

Train to Zermatt Switzerland

We recognized that this was a prime opportunity to solve what could be a potential disaster for a client’s incentive travel group, and quickly launched into ‘fix it’ mode. We located schedules for the fastest train to Zermatt, Switzerland and less than four hours later (but exactly four trains later), we caught up with the other teams.

We had a great time regaling them with stories of how we hired a helicopter to catch up to them, and how sorry we were that they missed the spectacular views we were treated to!

Cable Car in Zermatt Switzerland, This will challenge your fear of Heights

Once in Zermatt, I was faced with conquering a very real personal fear: heights. We were handed cable car tickets and whisked straight up to the top of the mountain. First stop: 10,500 feet.

Team Working together to "snow shoe"

Then we were tasked with digging for treasure with metal detectors…in three feet of snow! Let me tell you, it was Hard work (Hard with a capital H!). We also snow shoed, not only up and down the path but in perfect harmony as a team. Just imagine trying to get six people to all lift their feet–which are locked in a shoe form atop a board–in unison while they lift the rope in perfect sync! Talk about a lesson in teamwork!

Biscuit, The St Bernard

But the day ended with the most special treat; we met our sweet furry friend Biscuit, the 2 year old St. Bernard who was our team mascot. Our picture with her, in the snow on a mountain peak just below the Matterhorn, is such a special memory for me!

My team "The St Bernards" near the Matterhorn

I can’t wait to tell you about Day 5! Don’t forget to check out each day’s post on the blog AND check out our Facebook Page, Twitter posts and Pinterest pins for additional info. We’re so glad you’re following along!

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