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Zermatt, Switzerland Amazing Trophy Race: And the Winner is? Incentive Travel

What an experience racing through Switzerland.  Experience group travel and employee incentive travel like you’ve never experienced. 


You remember that all this time we’ve been competing, don’t you? Putting ourselves in unique places and situations, and letting our competitive streaks shine through as we battled for the top spot. The time was finally here to hear the results of our hard work. 

I’ll admit it: I wanted that top spot so badly! Not only would it feed my competitive nature, but the prize– Swiss cheese delivered to the winner’s door each month for a year!–was right up my alley. I’ve always loved cheese the way other women love chocolate.

The second place team will enjoy a monthly delivery of Swiss chocolate for the next year.

When the results were read, though, I learned that our team placed 3rd. We were awarded a Toblerone bar of chocolate as our prize.

In our minds we were definitely winners! We gave it everything we had, we had a blast along the way and we created memories that have absolutely nothing to do with rankings.  But we’ll all carry lessons that are worth far more!

And I didn’t know it yet, but the next day would bring not only the best experience of the trip, but the scariest one as well. I can’t wait to tell you about it!

An Amazing Trophy Race is a great trip to plan for incentive travel for your company’s employees incentive travel program or any group incentive travel.

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