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A New Wave In Business Meetings Are On The Horizon

When it comes to corporate retreats, there’s a variety of opportunities just over the horizon—literally. Company cruises are becoming an increasingly popular choice by companies looking to clear the heads of top performing employees, spark creativity, and promote shared experiences among colleagues in a new and exciting way.

Quickly gaining steam, companies large and small are jumping aboard with the idea of a company cruise as their venue for corporate meetings, events, and conferences. Eight percent of companies listed charter cruise ships as their first choice for a meeting venue, up 2% from the 2013 fiscal year—and this trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

From a cost standpoint, all-inclusive cruises offer savings that hotels just can’t match. According to CNN, when comparing apples to apples, all-inclusive cruise ships can save companies 20% to 30% of costs when including meals, entertainment, presentation equipment, and meeting space.

Adding to the savings, a variety of cruise ships offer corporate travel incentives for group trips and have less restrictive cancellation fees than their land counterparts which can save money if a trip needs to be canceled or postponed. Furthermore, unlike purchasing hotels and entertainment separately that can only be used as a 50% tax deduction, cruises count as a travel expense and therefore can be 100% deductible when tax season rolls around.

Beyond savings, group cruises offer the opportunity to personalize a company, corporate, or even family business trip. Employees can enjoy personally chosen meals rather than preplanned banquet platters when it comes to dining, there are usually an assortment of leisurely activities to enjoy while on board, and corporate officials have the blessing in disguise of holding a captive audience. Having everyone on board limits the chances of employees not being present for meetings or guest speakers not showing up on time; attendees and presenters are “all aboard” so to speak, and this brings a spirit of contentment that increases their likeliness to attend and even enjoy company events during an incentive company cruise.

In all, cruises allow for a comfortable environment where employees can better get to know one another, share new experiences as a group, and hopefully feel refreshed and rejuvenated after. There are a variety of options companies can look into when considering cruises, ranging from charter cruises, to small group travel aboard all-inclusive ships, and full ship corporate packages.

Whatever a company desires in their corporate cruise, trip, or retreat, Cruise Dreams Group Escapes can help with the planning to ensure that businesses can have the employee incentive cruise trip they aspire for, at a cost they can afford.

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