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Zermatt to Zurich Switzerland Finish Line of an Amazing Trophy Race

Today brought a little bit of home to our final moments in Switzerland. After a cable car ride down the side of the mountain, we wandered the streets of Zermatt before boarding a train back to Zurich. The panoramic views that bid us adieu were as breathtaking as they were when I first saw them.

Beautiful View of Zermatt, Switzerland

Kim and the Band in Zermatt, Switzerland

We couldn’t leave without another photo op, though, so it was serendipitous that as we wandered we happened into a village Church that was just finishing up services. I walked right up to the band that was outside, poised to play, and asked if I could have a picture taken not only with the band members but of me conducting them, too! What a fun way to end our day in Zermatt.

Kim enjoying the First Class Train to Zurich

After a  pleasant First Class train ride, our luggage was waiting for us at the Park Hyatt Zurich. Talk about coming home; there’s nothing more American than the Hyatt! We conducted a site inspection of the property and I can recommend the hotel with enthusiasm; their service was out of this world!

We lingered over our final dinner, at a quiet little restaurant by Movenpick, and reflected on how even though we claimed 3rd place in the race we knew that there was no one who had more laughter or fun during our time together.

It’s no surprise that my team dubbed me both “Ms. Smiley” and “Miss Energy”; they teased that they were thankful that I don’t like either coffee or espresso, because they couldn’t imagine what caffeine might do to my already abundant energy (not bad for someone who fell into the next-to-oldest spot on the team!). Of course those of you who know me know that’s just who I am, no matter where my adventures take me.

I’m so sad to say that our journey is drawing to a close, you can see more on our Facebook Page, check out what we’re tweeting on Twitter  and follow our boards on Pinterest

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