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Zermatt Switzerland, Chocolate, Cheese, White Merlot

Zermatt Switzerland: Where Chocolate, Cheese and White Merlot are the norm! 

Cable Car, Zermatt Switzerland

Good thing I worked on my fear of heights, because today we were lifted by cable car to the highest point of the mountain: 13,750 feet! Sitting atop the peak is a famous 10 room hotel and restaurant that takes full advantage of the picturesque landscape overlooking Zermatt

Restaurant at the top of the Mountain, Zermatt Switzerland

Swiss Cheese Fondue

We relaxed over a lunch of white merlot. (In Switzerland, Merlot accounts for nearly 85% of the wine production in Ticino where it is often made in a pale “white Merlot” style. It is true that the country has forty-eight mountains over 13,000 feet high, but this reality hasn’t stopped vineyards! Many Swiss vineyards are grown on tablars (terraces) literally cut into mountainsides. All vineyard work must be done by hand.), a bubbling pot of cheese fondue with the requisite potatoes and bread for dipping, and a sweet dessert of fresh fruit and Swiss chocolates.

Headed to the Lodge

We shared that we were all feeling sleepy, and were even finding it difficult to eat or breath. As we started our descent back down the mountain, however, we started to feel like ourselves again.

Ski Resort Zermatt Switzerland

We were transported to an adorable Swiss ski resort, where I claimed a corner room with a balcony. Not only did I have a king bed, but I also encountered a round tube smack dab in the middle of the room! It was surrounded by a curtain and thank goodness there was a separate room with the toilet! The abundance of light alpine wood created true ski resort ambiance.

Zermatt Unplugged

That evening we were treated to a back stage tour of Zermatt Unplugged. This is no small feat, as countless headliners grace the stage to dazzle crowds that purchase tickets months in advance. Our VIP passes granted access to an after-hours concert by renowned piano player Peter Cincotti.

The day ended at the gorgeous 5 star Alpine Hotel, where we indulged in a four course dinner and soaked up the ambiance and feel of Switzerland; truth be told, it would be impossible not to feel it with every waitress dressed as Heidi!

Then, finally, we were whisked upstairs to enjoy champagne and a Swiss chocolate fondue bar while we listened to the results of our race.  And the Winner is……….?

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